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Welcome to New Zealand Detector DogsDrug Dog screening a workplace for drugs

New Zealand Detector Dogs is NZ's leading service provider of drug detection dog services to local and international clients in private enterprise, government, educational and business sectors.  

Our drug dog teams provide essential drug safety services for clients in Construction, Manufacturing, Food Production, Warehousing, Logistics, Transportation, Educational Facilities, Schools, Residential Apartments, Drug Rehab and Mental Health Facilities not only for Health and Safety purposes, but also for Food Safety - actually anywhere you do not want drugs, people impaired by drugs, people dealing or in possession of drugs or where you currently use drug testing we can help.

As a specialised detector dog handling, training, consulting and accreditation service we set the highest possible standard in the private sector of New Zealand. Our staff are highly trained, qualified handlers with years of proven and recognised backgrounds in professional dog handling.

Drug dog solutions:  New Zealand Detector Dogs assists companies and organisations in their goal to have drug free workplaces and work sites by providing a specialist nationwide drug dog service.

Our Explosives Detector Dog teams provide screening services to New Zealand's cruise ship industry and to the security industry for venue safety and management

Specialist K9 Screening and Detection Services

New Zealand Detector Dogs can assist businesses and organisations with specialist K9 screening and detection services by:

  • Providing trained K9 detection teams for screening and detection purposes. (primarily drug dog and explosive dog teams) 

  • Evaluating the needs of an organisation requiring a screening or detection capability and providing a range of options to meet client needs to provide complete solutions to detection problems.

  • Conduct K9 based research and development projects for screening, detection, intelligence gathering, risk assessment or research purposes.

Some of the types of odours we can train specialist detector dogs to detect:

  • Drugs

  • Explosives

  • Biosecurity risk (fruit, meat, plant, animal products)

  • Live animals (pests or illegally smuggled species)

  • CITES products (endangered species and products)

  • Paua /truffles and other commercially valuable products

What and where we screen:

Our drug dog teams can screen offices, apartments, schools, residential facilities, warehouses, worksites, vehicles, locker rooms and outdoor environments or vessels. They can also work at border crossings, either local or international screening bags, parcels, cargo or people depending on the legislation they are deployed under.


About us

As the leading service provider in workplace drug detection we have put our wide ranging skills together to provide  clients with highly trained K9 's for safer, drug free environments.

Latest news

Our drug detector dog teams have featured regularly in the media in programmes such as Dog Squad, Coast Watch and in numerous publications.

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