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Explosive Detection

Explosives detection

NZ Detector Dogs Cruise Ship screening for Drugs or explosives  New Zealand Detector Dogs provide Explosives Detector Dog services to the cruiseship industry of New Zealand and are the only private company in New Zealand whose staff have the recognised qualifications, training and expertise to carry out such activities.

Our Explosives Detector Dog teams are utilised by companies in the security industry for venue safety and management of large events where the safety of their clients and venue security is paramount.

New Zealand Detector Dog's services are highly sought after by national and  international clients who have an interest in keeping their industry safe.

"We have a firm in New Zealand we use continually, NZ Detector Dogs - very professional"
Director Security & CSO Marine Operations, Australia


About us

As the leading service provider of specialist drug detector dogs we have put our wide ranging skills together to provide  clients with highly trained K9 's for the purpose of drug and explosives detection.

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Our dog teams have featured regularly in the media in programmes such as Dog Squad, Coast Watch and in numerous publications.

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