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Drug dogs and schools - Drug Free Campus!

Drug use by students is a serious concern for schools and the community.  Statistics released under the Official Information Act by the Ministry of Education show that the number of students stood down or suspended for drug use has been increasing since 2007.

In 2007,1017 students were stood down and 942 suspended for drugs use and substance abuse.  By 2009 this had jumped to 1420 being stood down and 1074 suspended. In 2010 statstics up to October showed 1451 stand-downs and 1036 suspensions for drug offences.

109 New Zealand primary and intermediate schools stood down or suspended students for drug-related offending last year.

NZ Detector Dogs Suports Drug  Free Schools. Drug Free School Zone sign

Headlines of "Primary pupils in drug figures" does not make for good reading and reports children as young as seven being suspended.

The use of a drug dog can be a high profile deterrent, which sends a clear message to students regarding the possession and use of drugs. It also reinforces the seriousness that the school places on providing a safe environment free of drug hazards and risk for students, staff and visitors to the school.


Why use dogs?

  • Dogs provide a very high profile and deterrent factor that implies that you are serious about having a drug free campus environment.

  • Speed of clearances.

  • Lockers and desks do not have to be opened.

  • Non discriminatory tool.

  • Minimal disruption to staff and students.

  • If there are any indications given by the dog, or drugs are located, the subsequent follow up is left with the school.

Why use our company?

  • Our dogs are trained to an internationally recognised guidelines.

  • We use qualified assessors during annual testing.

  • Our dog handlers are professionally trained handlers with recognised backgrounds and expertise in their fields.

  • We are available at short notice when issues arise.

  • We work with specialist partners who can provide an educational presentation on illicit drugs to staff, students and parents.

  • We can provide guidelines to schools on how to fairly advise students and the community of a pending visit by drug dogs.

  • We can also implement and administer a random visit schedule of a specified number of visits per school over a defined period.

    It is our aim to help schools achieve a safer environment, free from drug hazards and drug risk, so schools can concentrate on what they do best.

This is a testimonial from a Client:
"King's College has been employing the services of NZ Detector Dog Services for the past few years as part of our on-going programme for ensuring the safety and security of the College.

Janet Williams, Managing Director, has conducted the searches with her two dogs and I have been most impressed with her professionalism and the manner in which she has gone about her business.

Janet has always adopted a very systematic, non-threatening approach to her searches and her friendly and non-judgmental interaction with the staff and students at the College has been very much appreciated.  There is a culture developing amongst the students that understand that it is something we do to protect our school and students, and it is seen to be a very positive action that the College has undertaken.

I would recommend Janet to any organisation that chooses to address the sensitive issue of drugs, and there is no doubt that her advice has been most valuable in striving to make the school as safe an environment as possible.

Robyn Fleming
Deputy Headmaster
Kings College


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As the leading service provider in workplace drug detection we have put our wide ranging skills together to provide  clients with highly trained K9 's for safer, drug free environments.

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Our drug detector dog teams have featured regularly in the media in programmes such as Dog Squad, Coast Watch and in numerous publications.

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