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Drug Detector Dogs

Detector Dogs are a proven tool in areas where screening, detection, prevention and risk assessment are a high priority.

Throughout the world dogs are the first step where the identification of risk is required.  This is why they are used in the frontline of many organisations such as the Police, Military, Biosecurity and Customs.

Workplace drug screening

Drugs in the workplace are a serious concern for employers and companies.

Drugs are a recognised hazard in workplaces and under the Health and Safety at Work Act (HSW Act 2015)  employers have a legal obligation to ensure the safety of employees while they are at work.  It requires identification and protection from hazards, drugs being one of those hazards.  We can minimise and reduce the costs of drug testing by identifying more accurately those who may need to be drug tested rather than by random selection.

The use of a drug dog can be an accurate & high profile deterrent which sends a clear message to contractors and employees regarding the possession and use of drugs and reinforces the seriousness that employers place on Health and Safety in the workplace.

Why use dogs?

While companies may have Drug and Alcohol policies in place and use testing such as Pre-employment, Reasonable cause, Random and Post incident drug testing, the use of dogs can enable companies to:

NZ Detector dogs work place sign saying this is a drug free workplace.  Signs available for NZ Detector Dogs
  • Screen their whole site for drugs and identify those who have been in close and recent contact with drugs

  • Make cost savings by more effective identification of those 'at risk' of having an accident due to drug use or potential drug impairment.

  • Establish 'reasonable cause' which doesn't rely on other staff or supervisor's observations or reports

  • Be proactive and prevent potential illegal drug problems arising - this promotes a safer and more productive workplace free from the issues associated with illegal drug use, drug dealing, drug supply and the intimidation that exists around illegal drugs.

  • Respond to reports or suspicions of drug use or possession that may compromise a safe work environment or compromise food safety

  • Deter possession and use of illegal drugs promoting a safer worksite and safer environment for businesses, their staff, the public and the communities they are part of

  • Identify any illegal activities such as drug dealing, drug possession, actual drugs present in a worksite

  • Identify drug dealers and drug suppliers who may not be users that are able to pass drug testing or those who cheat drug tests

  • Risk assess their worksites and ensure current measures for drug detection are effective and offer an alternative to drug screening or testing of employees 

Drug Dogs combined with education and drug testing give companies a comprehensive approach to taking ‘all practicable steps’ in eliminating drugs as a hazard.

Effective and efficient

Our drug dogs are a very effective tool for companies that operate large vehicles, heavy machinery or have environments where staff safety is paramount. The dogs are able to indicate actual or recent presence of illegal drugs such as cannabis and methamphetamine in areas such as vehicles, trucks, offices, locker rooms, warehouses and outdoor environments, with minimal disruption.

In addition to their detection capabilities the drug dogs present a high profile deterrent to staff which sends a clear message that drugs will not be tolerated in your worksites, enabling companies to be proactive as opposed to reactive.

This approach goes a long way in reducing worksite incidents and accidents that may be attributed to drug possession and use and may enhance a company’s reputation for safety .

We offer a cost competitive and effective solution to companies who want to keep drugs out of their work environment and culture.

“I have engaged Janet Williams of NZ Detector Dog Services Ltd to provide drug dog services to our site. I have been most impressed with Janet's professionalism and the standard of training that her dogs have received. With Janet's professional approach her and her dogs are well respected by our staff when she visits our site and they are certainly a key business partner in helping to make our workplace safer. I would have no hesitation in recommending Janet, and her Company's services to any other parties.”

Karl Pointon - Manager Human Resources, Tasti Products Limited



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As the leading service provider in workplace drug detection we have put our wide ranging skills together to provide  clients with highly trained K9 's for safer, drug free environments.

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Our drug detector dog teams have featured regularly in the media in programmes such as Dog Squad, Coast Watch and in numerous publications.

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