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K9 Handler Training

K9 handler training

For companies and organisations who may wish to establish or develop their own K9 Units New Zealand Detector Dogs can assist by providing services including:

  • K9 sourcing and selection

  • K9 training Handler training course

  • Development of training manuals and codes of practice

  • Operational and deployment training and ongoing support and assistance

Training facility

New Zealand Detector Dogs has a secure training facility specifically set up for the training of their dog teams in a controlled environment. This is important when undertaking scent association and establishing good foundation training for new dogs.

Only real drugs, explosive components and target odours are used for the initial training of the dogs to ensure the dogs are proficient and reliable in identifying and discriminating real odour from similar odours.




Training methods

New Zealand Detector Dogs uses positive and rewarding training and handling methods which are designed to make work enjoyable and motivating for the dogs while ensuring they work in an effective and efficient manner.

Training standards and protocols are established throughout the initial scent association and basic training period to ensure that each dog is meeting or exceeding the accepted levels of proficiency and is enjoying the work.

Our philosophy is:

‘Our job is not to make dogs work – our job is to make dogs WANT to work’

About us

As the leading service provider in workplace drug detection we have put our wide ranging skills together to provide  clients with highly trained K9 's for safer, drug free environments.

Latest news

Our drug detector dog teams have featured regularly in the media in programmes such as Dog Squad, Coast Watch and in numerous publications.

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