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NZ Detector Dogs prides itself on the high standards it sets for it's dogs and handlers which means we deliver the highest quality service to our clients as the feedback below shows:

NZ Construction Company

Since starting my role as Health & Safety Manager (one year) for a large national construction company based in Auckland, I have used NZ Detector Dogs across 12 of our projects.  Without fail they have been punctual for every screening.  Their communication is second to none, they provide prompt results and are very easy to work with.

A very professional outfit and a pleasure to work with.  I would be happy to recommend them where I can.

Andy Ireland
Auckland Health & Safety Manager
21 April 2022

Auckland Apartment Building

I've been using the services of NZ Detector Dogs for at least 6 years to 'sweep' a large apartment building I manage.  They are a professional team who provide an efficient, effective service.  the residents appreciate their service as it helps maintain the high standards they expect and enjoy in the building.

I have no hesitation in recommending NZ Detector dogs to future clients.

Tony Bartholomew
Building Manager
17 March 2022

Busck Prestressed Concrete Ltd

NZ Detector Dogs are an integral part of our ongoing monitoring, surveillance & detection of drug use in the workplace and are woven into the fabric of our drug & alcohol policy across the country.

Janet and her team are always professional, on time and work their way through our sites across NZ efficiently.  The team is also very good in answering any questions and offering advice and updates on current trends.

Our workers know that the dogs will be coming through and they are fully aware that it's not an "If" its a "When".

National H & S Manager
May 2021


Traffic Safe NZ

Using NZ Detector Dogs has been instrumental in our drive to enhance our workplace culture.  Their service is professional and welcomed.  The number of indications has reduced to basically zero, which is evidence that we follow through with our Workplace Policies to the extent that we are actually providing a drug free workplace.  If you aren't using the dogs and you think that you have a drug free workplace, you might just be fooling yourselves.  We find that knowing is better than wondering.......!

Karl Hitchcock
Managing Director
August 2020

Safeway Scaffolding (NZ) Ltd

Janet and the NZDDS team provide an awesome, cost effective service.  Our guys speak highly of their professionalism & sensitivity to the whole process of screening our staff and worksite.  We are proud to use NZ Detector Dogs as part of our commitment to our clients to be Drug Free and HIGHLY RECOMMEND them.

Safeway Scaffolding (NZ) Ltd
January 2020

SRG Global

Janet and her K9 team came to our site while Westgate Pak'N'Save was being constructed.  It was a great outcome for the issues that we faced on site.  I am happy I suggested Janet's services to upper management at the time and would use Janet and her team again.

Mark Mangham
September 2019

Gibbons Construction
Gibbons Construction started using the services of NZ Detector Dogs in 2018 as part of our Random drug screening policy.  We have a number of building sites with a good combination of carpenters, sub-contractors and sometimes visitors on our sites in Nelson. 

We find Wayne and his team of dogs very pleasant and workable.  The staff find the process very unobtrusive and quite enjoyable with the dogs and their handler walking around checking for any signs of detection. We feel we get much greater coverage across the site compared to alternative methods used previously. 

We are enjoying our working relationship with NZ Detector Dogs and look forward to it continuing in 2019.

Kent Gibbons
Health & Safety Manager
Gibbons Construction
26 November 2018

Auckland Apartment Complex
It is without reservation that I can recommend NZ Detector Dogs to monitor any commercial or residential environment for illegal drug activity.
The staff are ex NZ Police or government agency dog handlers and this is reflected in their close relationship with their well trained canines and the professional delivery of their service.

Apartment Building Manager
May 2018

Private Residence
NZ Detector Dogs provided me prompt support and response when I needed it most. I needed to know my home was safe for my children and I. Janet and Scott delivered this service with a very high degree of professionalism, care and clarity of information. I also appreciated their sense of urgency on this matter. Please pass on my thanks to Scott for his professional approach and compassion.

7 March 2018

Naylor Love Construction
Janet  - thank you very much to yourself and Sarah for arranging and conducting yesterday's drug dog screening and in turn keeping our sites safe.
The dogs were confirmed to be correct by follow up tests.
Sarah's pleasant and professional nature ensured the whole event was conducted without any necessary drama.

Project Manager
16 August 2017

The Stamford Residences
The Stamford Residences, luxury apartments, have been using the services of NZ Detector Dogs since 2010.  During this time we have found the services of Janet and Scott to be highly professional and a valued asset to our 5-star apartment complex.
We have increased the schedule of screening recently as in the current climate we are aware of just how essential NZ Detector Dog's services are to our business.
Scott and Janet portray the attributes that are paramount to The Stamford Residences and our high service standards.  They are reliable, accommodating, immaculately presented and always a pleasure to deal with.
Without hesitation, I highly recommend the services of NZ Detector Dogs.

Reece LeRoy
Building Manager - The Stamford Residences
May 2017

Auckland Building Management
Our Body Corporate is empowered to make decisions and within the current Health & Safety legislation the BCC must take all preventative action to keep our residents 'safe'.
Engaging the services of Janet's company NZ Detector Dogs does this.
They are all ex Police and very professional ........I would suggest that a BC could not afford not to engage them.

Building Manager
March 2017

Institute of Education- Napier
It really was great having NZ Detector Dogs visit here... The students were so pleased that we are pro-active in keeping this site drug free and they were taken aback at how thorough your dogs were.
I will certainly be recommending your service to other sites that I know may be struggling.

Site Manager
November 2016

B & R Williams
It is always a stressful time when trying to assist family on the road from substance abuse. For peace of mind we asked NZ Detector Dogs to organise a sweep of our property to ensure that no drugs were present.

NZ Detector Dogs handled the job in a professional manner and went beyond our expectations in making sure our property was clean.

We have no hesitation in recommending NZ Detector Dogs as part of an overall plan in a person's rehabilitation.

July 2016

Mike Crawford Investigations Ltd
In June 2016 concerned parents requested answers regarding the unusual & uncharacteristic behaviour of a family member, which had all the hallmarks of probable drug abuse.  They wanted proof as to what the drug was & where it was coming from.  Surveillance identified a residential property as the likely drug source/location.

NZ Detector Dogs were engaged to screen/examine the subject vehicle at an opportune time. The NZ Detector Dog team engaged quickly established the presence of methamphetamine as the vehicle was completely contaminated.  The residential address and source of the methamphetamine was passed on to Police & is now the subject of a Police investigation.

NZ Detector Dogs assisted in piecing together this puzzle for the client which we presented to them.  Their family member is now undergoing treatment for methamphetamine use, having acknowledged their addiction.

I recommend NZ Detector Dogs for their professionalism and excellent results.  The vehicle screen/search with the dogs and result was immediate, accurate and an integral part of in determining  what was occurring.

Mike Crawford
July 2016

I look at a lot of contractor's documentation - I would have to say that your documentation (NZDDS) is a thing of beauty - nice, clean, concise and thorough.
Thanks for your help.

S. Bennett
Hawkes Bay
May 2016

Senior College (Auckland)
The screening operation with the dogs went very smoothly and we were very pleased to know that within our college we were clean.  The two handlers and their drug dogs were most professional and I want to thank them for their work.  We will certainly be booking in for further visits.

March 2016

St Peter's College
This is the first time we have used the services of NZ Detector Dogs.  At all times they were professional, helpful and friendly.  The handlers went about their business with the minimum of fuss and Janet was great to deal with pre visit.  We will certainly be using their services again in the future. 

St Peter's College
March 2016

The Statesman
I have been using NZ Detector Dog Services for two years.  I have been very impressed with the service they provide and the professional manner in which they conduct themselves.

No apartment complex can afford to be blasé about the impact of illicit drugs on their complex.  I feel fortunate that we have such easy access to Janet and Scott who are always so willing to answer our queries.  Their reporting system is very efficient, simple and accurate which makes it easy to keep good records.

We regard NZ Detector Dogs as a prime contractor in our management of The Statesman and have no hesitation in recommending them. 
Kevin Dooley
Building Manager
February 2016

Adept Limited
Since 2013 Adept Ltd has used NZ Detector Dogs to screen our workplace for illicit drugs.  We find that using detector dogs is an effective method to identify any potential issues with staff and provides reasonable grounds for further drug and alcohol testing if a positive indication is given.

We have found Janet and her team to be professional in their approach to our staff and have an excellent team of dogs that work with them.
We endeavor to provide a safe work environment and by using NZ Detector Dogs we are able to manage staff who are under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

I would highly recommend their services.
Carla Tewkesbury
General Manager
November 2015 

Drug Search
Janet and Scott of NZ Detector Dogs came to help us at a really difficult time. We wanted to make sure there were no drugs present in our home.  Scott and Janet were not only very knowledgeable and professional but they were kind and caring. They were incredibly thorough spending a lot time really going over areas and explaining what they were looking for. We appreciated their skill, professionalism and compassion.
Rhonda and Will 
May 2015 

The Fletcher Construction Company
Janet - we really appreciate all your teams efforts in completing the drug sweep/searches at the Wiri Prison.  For us screening an entire prison and grounds seemed like a huge task in unfamiliar territory, but with you and your team the whole process was fast, efficient and thoroughly professional, you made everything easy!

Site Logistics Manager
November 2014.

Enzafoods recently implemented a robust Drug & Alcohol policy and this is really well complimented by NZ Detector Dogs..  Their searches are undertaken with minimum fuss and the friendly, professional interaction by their handlers put our staff and contractors at ease. 
The extensive training and experience of both handlers and drug dogs gives us clear direction in establishing 'Reasonable Cause' and then also the confidence to act decisively.

In the food manufacturing industry we have a lot of hazards to manage - Janet and her team are proving to be an extremely effective tool in mitigating the huge risks associated with drugs and alcohol in the workplace.  Their regular presence sends a very clear message to all that we will not tolerate anything other than a clean site - potentially preventing the issue in the first place.   Yay!

Pip Johnston
National Health & Safety Coordinator
November 2014

Dog Training 
We recently adopted a rescue dog, a Border Collie with three legs.  When walking she tended to pull on the lead and we were not really sure how to rectify this due to her disability.  Scott came to our rescue!

He very quickly assessed the situation and gave us some great training advice. We now use a longer lead and with his training tips walking her is now a pleasure not a task. 

Many Thanks - Jenny & Gordon
October 2014

Victopia Management 
I am the Building Manager of Victopia Apartments, Auckland.  I have been using New Zealand Detector Dogs for the past two years.  During this time I have found them very professional in the way they handle not only our tenants, but also the process involved in drug detection.

I have no hesitation in recommending their services in the apartment building business for drug detection.

Graeme McDonald, Victopia Management
September 2014

IMG - Integrated Maintenance Group 
We have been using Janet and her team of drug detector dogs for over 4 years screening our sites and staff and are extremely happy with the service Janet and her dogs provide.  We have found using the dogs compliments our D & A Policy and Procedures.  It is an impartial way of random screening and is positively received by our employees. 

Janet is friendly and professional, the dogs are good at their job and I am happy to recommend NZ Detector Dogs to any other companies.

Shelley Compston, Human Resources
September 2014
Wineworks Hawke's Bay 
Wineworks Hawke's Bay commenced the use of NZDDS and their drug detector dogs in 2011 as part of a site focus on the risks of potential impairment in the workplace caused by drugs and alcohol.

Having accompanied NZDDS on many site visits, I am always impressed with their ability to talk to all staff in a calm, professional and non-judgemental manner, in what are sometimes tense situations.  The dogs provided for this service are always exceptionally well trained and they are well accepted by all.

Over the last 3 years we have had a healthy reduction of accidents/incidents, unplanned leave has dropped away and the general enjoyment of the workplace has improved.  We believe that the dogs represent a meaningful and visual reminder of our commitment to reduce this risk and have contributed to these outcomes

Murray Sargison, Warehouse and Distribution Manager
December 2013

Skope Industries Ltd 
We are a manufacturing company with approximately 400 employees and recently became aware of drug issues on-site.  Working with NZ Detector Dogs has enabled us to identify and deal with problem areas.  I was most impressed with Wayne’s ability to manage employees when the dogs showed a positive indication, definitely a time for potential aggravation.  Subsequent drug testing showed that the dogs have a high success rate with their indications.  As a 24 hour operation I also appreciated Wayne’s willingness to be on site at times that have allowed us to screen all shifts.
The drug detector dogs are now a very visible component of our drug and alcohol policy and give us confidence that we are dealing with the safety issue of impaired employees in the workplace.  I would have no hesitation in recommending Wayne and his dogs to any other organisation.
Andrew van Herpt, Human Resources Manager
October 2013

King's College
"King's College has been employing the services of NZ Detector Dog Services for the past few years as part of our on-going programme for ensuring the safety and security of the College.

Janet Williams, Managing Director, has conducted the searches with her two dogs and I have been most impressed with her professionalism and the manner in which she has gone about her business.

Janet has always adopted a very systematic, non-threatening approach to her searches and her friendly and non-judgmental interaction with the staff and students at the College has been very much appreciated.  There is a culture developing amongst the students that understand that it is something we do to protect our school and students, and it is seen to be a very positive action that the College has undertaken.

I would recommend Janet to any organisation that chooses to address the sensitive issue of drugs, and there is no doubt that her advice has been most valuable in striving to make the school as safe an environment as possible.

Robin Fleming, Deputy Headmaster

September 2013

Hynds Group Limited
"Hynds has used NZ Detector Dogs for over a year now. Their drug detector dogs have been a very effective, efficient and non-invasive screening tool in the workplace.  We have 8 factories and 30 odd branches around NZ and have found that this is the most economic and efficient way of screening our worksites.

The benefits of using Drug detector dogs are they are not biased. They have no pre-conceived ideas about anyone. They just know what they know – it does not matter to them the age of the person, where they work, if you work in the factory or a senior manager.  It is not an expensive process to ensure that everyone in the workplace is working safely. Averages about $65 per person to ensure your workplace is drug free and your employees are safe.  Dogs are a great prevention tool. People know we screen, they don’t know when – or where so for those who are tempted to use drugs it is a real deterrent.

We have had people thank us for using them, they say it is fair and they have no objections to the dogs coming on site.  The unions are very supportive too. They prefer reasonable cause testing (which the detector dogs give with a positive indication) to random whereby it could be seen as ‘picking on’ an employee."

July 2013
Birchwood Packhouse
"Thank you Wayne so much for your very thorough report.  I was very impressed with the whole screening process and have even had comments back from my staff who were also impressed with the professional manner everything was handled on the day.

We will be back in touch in the future for further drug screening by your dogs for sure."

Karen Roche, General Manager
May 2013

Zest Apartments
"Zest Apartments comprises of 513 Apartments located in central Auckland. The building consists of 15 floors and can have upwards of 1800 people on site including occupants, tradespeople and visitors at any given time. Around 2.5km of breezeway walkways cover this site including car parks.

Over a two year period now, NZ Detector Dog Services Ltd have exceeded expectation in the detection and deterrence of drugs in the Zest Apartments. It is for this reason programmed random sweeps take place across the complex each year. Janet has always followed a very systematic approach to her sweeps and the dogs she has have now become very familiar with the building and its environs.

A central city block poses many difficulties for dogs with city fumes, cooking odours and all manner of distractions, however the enthusiasm of the dogs when put to their tasks is testament to their intense training and is evident when they make that ‘find’.

I would have no hesitation is saying that this service is an essential element of deterring drugs in a residential complex (not an aspect you want on a LIM report). Comprehensive reports follow every visit and provide an excellent paper trail of repeat ‘finds’. Onsite security are then able to monitor and report to Police any areas which pose a risk to residents or the complex."

Ray Nicholls, Building Manager.
May 2013

DrugFree Sites
"NZ Detector Dogs are brilliant. I have worked alongside Janet Williams who is the Auckland company director and covers the upper North Island.  Wayne services the South Island  and lower North Island. I can’t speak highly enough of them.

Their reputation, their professionalism and their success rate in indications far exceeds any other “drug dog” company I have worked with over the past 15 years. I have received a considerable amount of positive feedback from a number of “very satisfied” companies.

As a specialist in Workplace Drug and Alcohol Policy development, training and testing I would seriously advise companies to consider drug dog searches as part of the mix of options for keeping their worksites drug free."

Sue Nolan
DrugFree Sites Susan Nolan & Associates
February 2013

Director Security & CSO Marine Operations, Australia 
"We have a firm in New Zealand we use continually, NZ Detector Dogs - very professional"
January 2013

Quarantine Detector Dog Unit, Hong Kong
"On behalf of AFCD, I wanted to show our deepest gratitude to you and all your staff for organizing a wonderful tour for me and my colleague on 18 Dec 2012.  We indeed had a wonderful time and found your way of handling is impressively professional & remarkable.  Meanwhile, conversations among us really inspired us a lot in the upcoming development of our dog team." 

Benson LEE, Unit Manager
Quarantine Detector Dog Unit
Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department
Hong Kong

V Jones - HR Manager
"Recently our company had reasonable cause to suspect one or more staff members may be using and/or under the influence of drugs during work hours.
As our company has a zero tolerance to drugs on premises we contacted the NZ Police for advice and were referred to New Zealand Detector Dog Services for assistance.

I found Janet Williams very professional, knowledgeable and friendly. Her services were exemplary from start to finish.  She suggested bringing her dogs onto our premises when all staff were on shift.  The dogs were successful in detecting drugs and on further tests the detection was spot-on.

I would certainly use New Zealand Detector Dogs Services again in a similar situation and would highly recommend their services to any other employer in a similar situation."
October 2012

Hagley Community College, Christchurch
"Hagley Community College at all times strives to have the College environment free from drugs or alcohol. As we are a central city school opposite Hagley Park which is a public domain, our task of preventing students from bringing drugs into the College or partaking of drugs in the park is made extremely difficult.

To send a message to all students we contracted NZ Detector Dogs to undertake drug screening within the College.

The service provided by NZ Detector Dogs with Wayne Pitcaithly and his dogs was excellent. Unlike searches that we had organised with the police, there was no requirement for us to obtain search warrants for the classes.  Our staff had identified students who they believed were involved in using drugs and their classrooms were targeted.

The students were told that under our Health and Safety Policy we were conducting a drug screening. The students left the room and Wayne and his dog went past each bag.

The dogs from NZ Detector Dogs are very well-trained.  I was greatly impressed with the way that Wayne discussed the identification of residual cannabis odour on the bags. The students were spoken to in a non-threatening manner, and the possible reasons why the dog identified each bag was explained. All students, (even those having incrimination evidence), volunteered to allow Wayne and myself to search their bags.

The search for us was extremely successful. Once identified, the school then decided how they dealt with each individual case. The message that the drug dogs were in and that 9 students were identified has spread widely in the community.

The day after the search we received a very comprehensive report on the type of Indication, whether confirmed positive or not, the name of the student and action taken, together with handler notes

I fully recommend NZ Detector Services as a very appropriate and efficient way for schools to help in their fight against drugs being taken into school grounds. Senior management and Deans have assessed the visit by NZ Detector Dogs as a valuable tool for student management, and we will be using them again this year and in 2013."

Peja Street, Director of Students
August 2012

EastPack Ltd
"I have engaged the services of Janet and her "team" for the past two years. On all occasions they have successfully "completed their mission" discretely and without impacting production. Janet's professional and non-judgmental interaction with our staff was particularly evident when they responded to her during one-on-one interactions. I would recommend Janet to any company that is required to address the sensitive issue of drugs in the workplace as she is dedicated, reliable and can offer guidance and advice at every stage of the process."

Pam Asplin, Production HR Manager
May 2012

Tasti Products Limited

“I have engaged Janet Williams of NZ Detector Dog Services Ltd to provide drug dog services to our site. I have been most impressed with Janet's professionalism and the standard of training that her dogs have received. With Janet's professional approach her and her dogs are well respected by our staff when she visits our site and they are certainly a key business partner in helping to make our workplace safer. I would have no hesitation in recommending Janet, and her Company's services to any other parties."

Karl Pointon, Manager Human Resources
February 2012

Alliance Group, Lorneviile Plant
"As a company employing large numbers of people, NZ Detector Dogs has become a valuable asset in our campaign against drugs in the workplace.  The team are professional and available when required."

David Kean, Plant Manager
May 2011

Workzone Scaffolds
"NZ Detector Dog Services carried out a search of my premises last year as part of our Drug and Alcohol programme. Staff had been warned that a search would occur at some stage but were not told the time or date.  Janet and Wayne brought their dogs in just before start time. They swept the premises including offices, vehicles and all employees and their bags as they arrived at work.

I am pleased to say that no illicit drugs were found. Janet and Wayne were courteous and professional throughout the exercise. My employees did not feel harassed and supported the search as part of the overall Drug and Alcohol programme.

I will use NZ Detector Dog Services again in the future. The dog searches are a great way of demonstrating that the company is serious about our Drug and Alcohol Policy and definitely discourages anyone from bringing drugs to work."

Graham Burke, Managing Director
July 2010

Mountainview High School
"Thanks for the report  - great.  Can I thank you again for the way you worked on Friday. You were excellent with the students and efficient at carrying out your job. I really appreciated the professional manner in which the exercise was conducted.  Give that lovely dog an extra biscuit from me!"

Liz Peters, Deputy Principal
July 2010

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