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A poster boy for unwanted dogs

Published on:
February 3, 2022
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Black puppy sitting on a blanket.

A stray dog found in a park in Kaikohe has become a star drug detector. In fact Kai and another one-time stray, Monty, have shown such talent that NZ Detector Dog Services managing director Janet Williams reckons they should be the “poster boys” for all unwanted dogs.

Kai, a cattle dog-cross was about six weeks old when 7-year-old Devon Robinson and his family found him in Reed Park. Emaciated, severely infested with worms, covered in fleas (and bubble gum), he soon became a beautiful dog, but found his way to Detector Dogs when the Robinsons decided that he needed more than they could give him.

He began his training on April and finished 10 days ago. The next day he was tested by two qualified assessors, and an independent assessor in a validation test, an international standard for drug detector dogs and the highest level achievable in New Zealand, where he scored 100 per cent.

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Drug Dogs

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