Food Production &
Primary Industry

Protect the quality and safety of food production and primary industry operations with NZ Detector Dogs' drug detection services, minimizing the risk of contamination and ensuring a safe work environment.

Protected greenhouse in New Zealand's primary industry sector, with NZ Detector Dogs ensuring product safety and quality.
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Health and Safety & Food Safety Obligations

Protect against illegal drug issues with NZ Detector Dogs. Our Drug Dogs fulfil obligations for health and safety within Food Production/Primary Industry. Respond to reports of drug possession in your facility with our drug dogs, and protect against compromised food safety with our screening processes. Our dogs are trained to detect drugs such as cannabis and methamphetamine, ensuring the safety of your workers and the high standard of their work.

Implementing a robust drug policy for Food Production/Primary Industry by partnering with our team at NZ Detector Dogs is an excellent step to manage the risks of workplace drug presence. Our team is experienced, working to uphold excellent detection standards and working with exceptional communication and knowledge. We undertake searches with minimum fuss, with professional interactions with staff to put you at ease. Offering comprehensive screening, we give you the confidence to act decisively.

A regular drug dog screening process sends a clear message that you will not tolerate any drug possession. Addressing the extensive risks related the presence of illegal drugs in the Food Production/Primary Industry can put your mind at ease and save large costs.  Not only do you address the health and safety obligations, but also the integrity and safety of your product from the potential contamination of drugs such as methamphetamine which is often carried in users clothing.

Measuring Performance

We protect your company against potential risks, such as product recall, adverse publicity, replacement costs, customer loss, and much more, with our drug screening processes.

Our drug dog handlers have years of experience in screening food manufacturing sites, pack houses, cool stores and processing plants identifying potential drug hazards and drug risks on site so they can be addressed.

To ensure our Drug Dogs are upholding our high standards, we measure performance through validation testing and operational field reviews. Firstly, our Validation Testing exhibits the accuracy of our dog team, conducting a test for recognition and identification of the set target odour. Our K9s are tested annually by qualified assessors to ensure their proficiency.

Secondly, we enact Operational Field Reviews to assess the dog team in an operational environment. As a result, we ensure our dog team is deployed in the best manner for efficiency and effectiveness during screening. This assessment also enables us to review the psychological and physical care of our Drug Dogs, ensuring their health and fitness to operate to a maximal potential.

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