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NZ Detector Dogs provides discreet and efficient drug detection services to ensure apartments, residential areas, and hotels remain safe and drug-free environments.

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Safer, Drug Free Environments

NZ Detector Dogs pioneered the drug screening of apartments and residential complexes, developing specific training and protocols to ensure our dogs are accurate and efficient at their role. There is no other company in NZ with the knowledge or expertise to deliver such an effective service, and the success rate of our dogs is a testament to this.

Illegal drug use and possession in a residential Apartment complex brings unwanted, antisocial behaviours that affect all residents.

Our drug dogs offer an alternative technology to traditional methods of screening and detection while being a high-profile deterrent that sends a clear message to residents, contractors, and visitors, regarding the possession and use of drugs in your apartments.

While the dogs are most effective as a proactive deterrence, we can also use our dogs in a covert manner. We can act covertly to assist with Risk Assessment and enable owners and building managers to determine the extent, scope and most appropriate means of dealing with any detected problems.

We work closely in conjunction with the NZ Police and other companies in helping building managers and apartment owners keep their premises safe from the risk that illegal drug manufacture, sale and use of illegal drugs poses to residents, visitors and the building itself.  Drugs such as Methamphetamine can cause costly drug contamination damage to both property and reputation.  NZ Detector Dogs offer a drug screening programme that helps clients detect drug issues, deter drug issues in order to protect their residents and investments.

Apartment Drug Screening Programmes

Tailored Drug Screening Solutions - We will work with you to develop an effective deterrence to illegal drug activity

We encourage you to partner with our team for a regular presence of drug dogs on random days and at different times. Regular, randomised screening is the most effective means of presenting a high-profile deterrent for apartment situations. It is also our recommendation that building managers notify residents that they have a drug dog screening programme in place.

By advising residents that drug detector dog screening exists and will be regularly carried out, you can dissuade them from bringing illegal drugs into the apartment complex. Additionally, the risk of drug manufacturing in the building must be addressed, where, over the course of 1-2 hours, our dogs can check for drugs by sniffing under the door without entering the rooms alerting to potential areas of drug risk.

Property owners all want to protect their investment, retaining the value of their property by ensuring that drug labs and drug manufacturing are not popping up throughout the apartment. In addition to the problems of tenant safety, the disruptive, antisocial issues associated with drug use, such as theft and damage, will be diminished by our presence on the property.

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