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Keep your logistics and storage facilities secure with NZ Detector Dogs' specialized drug screening services, designed to maintain the integrity of the transport and warehousing sectors.

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Illegal Drugs in Transport

The widespread disruption to international supply lines has caused headaches for legitimate importers and for organised crime groups in NZ, it’s no different. Traditionally gangs and organised crime groups preferred method of importing drugs is by sea or air freight, but delays and disruptions to incoming freight caused by the pandemic saw gangs adapt by bringing in smaller quantities – on a large scale. As shipping channels previously affected by COVID disruption now start to open up, so are the large-scale drug importations.  Legitimate trucking, logistics, transport and warehousing companies are all being targeted by organised crime groups.

Not only is the distribution of illegal drugs a risk to businesses in the transport and logistics sector, but the use and possession of drugs by staff pose the additional risk to safety to not only the person themselves, but their work mates and members of public.

We offer cost and time-effective solutions for illegal drug issues  in Transport/ Trucking/ Logistics/ Warehousing. Our dogs screen for drug hazards effectively. Knowing is better than wondering, when it comes to making certain your workplace and employees are drug-free. The physically and mentally demanding nature of the trucking and logistics industry involves sleep deprivation and solitude, with potentially higher risk of drug use. Warehouses are filled with hazards that are likely to cause serious injury and death when employees are under the influence of drugs. Using NZ Detector Dogs is an appropriate response to the risk of drug-related issues.

When you partner with our team, we will ensure our dogs are working in a manner that maximises the clearance speed of your site. With regular, randomised screening, whether in the warehouse or truck yard, we will effectively identify the presence of drugs in your company or in company vehicles and provide a proactive deterrent to criminal activity.

Affordable Peace of Mind

Our drug dog teams have years of experience working with clients in screening trucking, logistics and warehouse companies.  The dogs are able to identify the presence of actual drugs or areas where drugs may have been used or recently carried.  This is critical for safety when trucks are used not only to transport client’s valuable cargo, but also when drivers may be using a truck that is potentially drug contaminated.  As a recognised hazard within the workplace, and under the Health and Safety at Work Act (HSW Act 2015), the legal obligation to ensure the safety of employees while at work necessitates screening.

Not only can we check that staff are safe, but also that the cargo you may be carrying has not been compromised or have illegal drugs concealed amongst it.

Contact us to discuss how we can best protect your staff, the public and your client’s interests through  an effective drug dog screening programme.

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