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Ensure the safety and compliance of your manufacturing and engineering sites with NZ Detector Dogs' thorough drug detection solutions, tailored to industrial settings.

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Drug-Free Workplaces

Ensuring that your workplace is drug-free is an essential obligation of Manufacturing/ Engineering facilities. Drug use in the workplace is a problem that is robbing companies of productivity and profits, and is not diminishing. At NZ Detector Dogs, we have an experienced team of handlers who can accurately screen even the most complex of work sites so that we deliver reliable, accurate drug screening, ensuring illegal drugs are kept out of your Manufacturing/Engineering workplace.

The use and presence of drugs in the workplace results in safety issues, risk of serious accidents and lost productivity. In addition to physical risk, employees working in technical and administrative roles can cause errors leading to business liability and loss.

We believe the safety risk posed by employees affected by drugs in the workplace is a vital reason why you should carry out regular detector dog drug screening. We work with professionalism and speed, conducting our processes with open communication and respect for your staff, minimising down time while helping create a more positive and safer work culture.

Deterring Drug Presence

By carrying out regular, randomised Drug Dog visits you are demonstrating your commitment to having a safer, drug free work place.   By screening all areas and staff  the message is that it is about safety, not targeting individuals.  Everyone is treated equally.

Employers are legally obligated to address drug issues in the workplace, taking all practicable steps to identify and respond to problems. Often, it is challenging to deal with a drug problem or identify issues without a specialist service. We offer nationwide assistance for New Zealand workplaces, protecting workers in all industries.

Often drug use can go unnoticed, causing safety and productivity issues. Our Drug Dogs are well trained, offering detection that meets International guidelines presented by the SWGDOG organisation. Give us a call today to protect your workplace, as a drug-free space.  We offer a 24 hour service and cover all of NZ.

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