South Island Drug Detection

Are you seeking reliable drug detection services in Christchurch and the South Island? NZ Detector Dogs offer specialised drug detection solutions for businesses, construction, food production, manufacturing, residential rehab, schools, transport and housing sectors. Our team around our drug detector dogs excel in proactive drug detection, fostering a safe and drug-free environment.

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100% New Zealand owned and operated. NZ Detector Dogs is proud to have NZ wide coverage.

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Trusted by industry-leading companies across New Zealand
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Effective Drug Screening Services for the South Island

Amidst the captivating beauty of the South Island, NZ Detector Dogs provide exclusive drug screening services that are both rapid and reliable. This not only promotes a secure and drug-free work environment but also establishes a culture of safety and diligence inside your organization. Experience peace of mind with our specialised services tailored to meet the unique needs of businesses and institutions across the South Island of New Zealand.

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Drug Detection Services in Christchurch

In the vibrant city of Christchurch, NZ Detector Dogs offer bespoke drug detection services designed to meet the unique needs of businesses, from bustling construction sites to educational institutions and industrial facilities. Our specialised K9 teams are experts in proactive drug detection, encouraging a secure and drug-free work environment. Our dogs are trained to provide a ‘passive response’ to their handler, indicating the discovery of target drug odors such as Cannabis or Methamphetamine. This precise and reliable screening process helps businesses in and around Christchurch and the rest of the South Island maintain a safe workplace environment, fostering productivity and peace of mind at any time. With a dedication to excellence in dog training and a commitment to international safety standards, we stand as the premier choice for drug detection services in the South Island of New Zealand.

Setting Benchmarks for Safety in the South Island

At NZ Detector Dogs, we set the bar high for performance, accuracy, and efficient deployment of our detector dog teams across the stunning landscapes of the South Island. We provide optimal learning conditions for new dogs under controlled environments, focusing on scent association and foundational training. In operational environments, we assess dog teams to maximise their screening effectiveness and efficiency, supporting peak health and fitness for optimal performance. We follow international best practice guidelines and standards to ensure the safety of everyone involved. Our commitment to excellence in dog training sets us apart, helping our canine teams reach an exceptional level of proficiency and precision.

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NZ Detector Dogs has supplied us with a professional detector dog service for over 9 years. We have a large and diverse manufacturing business and they have always managed to meet our unusual schedules with professional, prompt and efficient service. Sarah (one of the dog handlers) is incredible skilled at her craft, she manages the dogs in such a way they are calm and non-threatening to our staff. Sarah's demeanor is such that she puts our valued people at ease with her approach and no one is made to feel embarrassed or intimidated by her approach. NZDDS are our only supplier of drug dogs and have never let us down - they have always exceeded the very high expectations of APL.

Danielle Stowers-Boon

People & Performance Manager

NZ Detector Dogs are an integral part of our monitoring, surveillance and detection of drug use in the workplace and are woven into the fabric of our drug and alcohol policy across the country. Janet and her team are always professional, on time and work their way through our sites across NZ efficiently. The team is also very good at answering any questions and offering advice and updates on current trends. Our workers know that the drug dogs will be coming through and are aware that it's not an "If" but "When".

National Health & Safety Manager

Using NZ Detector Dogs has been instrumental in our drive to enhance our workplace culture. Their service is professional and welcomed. The number of indications has reduced to basically zero which is evidence that we follow through with our Workplace Policies to the extent that we are actually providing a drug free workplace. If you aren't using the dogs and think you have a drug free workplace, then you might just be fooling yourselves. We find that knowing is better than wondering......!

Karl Hitchcock

Managing Director

Janet and the NZDDS team provide an awesome and cost effective service. Our guys speak highly of their professionalism and sensitivity to the whole process of screening our staff and worksite. We are proud to use NZ Detector Dogs as part of our commitment to our clients to be Drug Free and HIGHLY RECOMMEND them.

Health & Safety

Janet and her K9 team came to our site when the Westgate Pak'N'Save was being constructed. It was a great outcome for the issues that we faced on site. I am more than happy that I suggested Janet's services to upper management at the time and would use Janet and her team again.

Mark Mangham


Gibbons Construction started using the services of NZ Detector Dogs in 2018 as part of our Random Drug Screening Policy. We have a number of building sites with a good number of carpenters, sub-contractors and visitors on our sites in Nelson. We find the NZDDS handlers and their team of dogs very pleasant and workable. The staff find the process very unobtrusive and quite enjoyable with the dogs and their handler walking around checking for any signs of detection. We feel we get much greater coverage across the entire site as opposed to methods previously used. We are enjoying our working relationship with NZ Detector Dogs and look forward to it continuing in the coming years.

Kent Gibbons

Health & Safety Manager

Janet, thank you so much to yourself and Sarah for arranging and conducting the drug dog screening yesterday, and in turn keeping our sites safe. The dogs were confirmed to be correct by follow up tests. Sarah's pleasant and professional nature ensured the whole visit was conducted without any drama.


Project Manager

This was the first time we used the services of NZ Detector Dogs. At all times they were professional, helpful and friendly. The handlers went about their business with a minimum of fuss and Janet was great to deal with pre-visit. We will certainly be using their services again in the future.

I have been using NZ Detector Dogs since 2014. I have been very impressed with the service they provide and the way they conduct themselves. No apartment complex can afford to be blasé about the impact of illicit drugs on their complex. I feel fortunate we have such easy access to Janet and her team who are always willing to answer our queries. Their reporting system is very efficient, simple and accurate which makes it easy to keep good records. We consider NZ Detector Dogs as a prime contractor in our management of The Statesman and have no hesitation in recommending them.

Kevin Dooley

Building Manager

Since 2013 Adept has used NZ Detector Dogs to screen our workplace for illicit drugs. We find that using detector dogs is an effective method to identify any potential issues with staff and provides reasonable grounds for further drug and alcohol testing if a positive indication is given. We have found Janet and her team to be professional in their approach to our staff and have an excellent team of dogs that work with them. We endeavor to provide a safe work environment and by using NZ Detector Dogs are able to identify and manage staff who are under the influence of drugs or alcohol. I would highly recommend their services.

Carla Tewkesbury

General Manager

Janet - we really appreciate all your team's efforts in completing the drug screening and searches at the Wiri Prison Construction site. For us screening an entire prison and grounds seemed like a massive task in unfamiliar territory, but with your team the whole process was fast, efficient and thoroughly professional. You made everything easy!

Site Logistics Manager

Enza Foods recently implemented a robust Drug and Alcohol policy and this has been really well complimented by NZ Detector Dogs. Their visits are undertaken with a minimum of fuss and the friendly, professional interaction by their handlers put our staff and contractors at ease. The extensive training and experience of both handlers and drug dogs give us clear direction in establishing 'Reasonable Cause' and also the confidence to act decisively. In the food industry we have a lot of hazards to manage - Janet and her team are proving to be an extremely effective tool in mitigating the huge risks associated with drugs and alcohol in the workplace. Their regular presence sends a very clear message that we will not tolerate anything other than a clean site, potentially preventing the issue in the first place. Yay!

Pip Johnston

National Health & Safety Coordinator

King's College have been employing the services of NZ Detector Dogs since approximately 2010 as part of our ongoing programme for ensuring the safety and security of the college. Janet Williams (Managing Director) has conducted the searches with her two dogs and I have been impressed with her professionalism and the manner in which she has gone about her business. Janet has always adopted a systematic, non-threatening approach to her searches and her non-judgmental interaction with the staff and students at the College has been very much appreciated. There is a culture developing amongst the students where they understand that this is something we do to protect our school and students and it is seen to be a very positive action that the College has undertaken. I would recommend Janet to any organisation that chooses to address the sensitive issue of drugs, and there is no doubt that her advice has been most valuable in striving to make our school as safe an environment as possible.

Robin Fleming

Deputy Headmaster

Hynds has been using NZ Detector Dogs since at least 2012. Their drug detector dogs have been a very effective, efficient and non-invasive screening tool in the workplace. We have 8 factories and over 30 branches across NZ and found that this is the most economic and efficient way of screening our worksites. The benefits of using NZ Detector Dogs drug dogs is that they are not biased. They have no preconceived ideas about anyone. They just know what they know and it does not matter to them the age of the person, where they work or if you work in a factory or are a senior manager. It is not an expensive process to ensure that everyone in the workplace is working safely. Averages about $65 per person to make sure your workplace is drug free and your employees are safe. The dogs are a great prevention tool. People know we screen they just don't know when or where, so for people who may be tempted to use drugs it is a real deterrent. We have had staff thank us for using them, they say it is fair and they have no objection to them coming onsite. The unions are very supportive too. They prefer reasonable cause testing (which the drug dogs give from a positive indication) as opposed to random testing which can be seen to picking on an employee.

Health & Safety Team

NZ Detector Dogs are brilliant. I have worked alongside Janet Williams who is the company director and covers the North Island and Wayne who covers the South Island. I can't speak highly enough of them. Their reputation, professionalism and success rates in indications far exceeds any other drug dog company I have worked with over the past 15 years. I have received a considerable amount of positive feedback from very satisfied companies. As a specialist in Workplace Drug and Alcohol Policy development, training and testing I would strongly advise companies to consider drug dog searches as part of their options for keeping their worksites drug free.

Sue Nolan & Associates

We have been using Janet and her drug detector dog team since 2020 screening our sites and staff and are extremely happy with the service Janet and her teams provide. We have found using the dogs compliments our D & A Policy and Procedures. It is an impartial way of random screening and positively received by our employees. Janet is friendly and professional, the dogs are good at their job. I am happy to recommend NZ Detector Dogs to other companies.

Shelley Compston

Human Resources

Wineworks Hawkes Bay commenced using the services of NZDDS and their drug detector dogs in 2011 as part of a site focus on the risks of potential impairment in the workplace caused by drugs and alcohol. Having accompanied NZDDS on many site visits I am always impressed with their ability to talk to staff in a calm, professional and non-judgmental manner in what are sometimes tense situations. The dogs provided for this services are exceptionally well trained and they are well accepted by all. Over a 3 year period we have had a healthy reduction of accidents/incidents, unplanned leave has dropped away and the general enjoyment of the workplace has improved. We believe that the dogs represent a meaningful visual reminder of our commitment to reduce drug risk and have contributed to these outcomes.

Murray Sargison

Warehouse & Distribution Manager

We are a manufacturing company with approximately 400 employees and recently became aware of drug issues on site. Working with NZ Detector Dogs has enabled us to identify and deal with problem areas. I am most impressed with the dog handler's ability to manage employees when the dogs showed a positive indication, definitely a time for potential aggravation. Subsequent drug testing showed the dogs have a high success rate with their indications. As a 24 hour operation I also appreciate NZDDS's willingness to be on site at times that have allowed us to screen all shifts. The drug detector dogs are now a very visible component of our Drug and Alcohol Policy and give us the confidence that we are dealing with impaired employees in the workplace. I would have no hesitation in recommending NZ Detector Dogs to any other organisation.

Andrew Van Herpt

Human Resources Manager

Zest Apartments consists of 513 apartments in the Auckland CBD. The building has 15 floors and can have up to 1800 people on site including visitors, residents, contractors, tradesmen at any given time. Around 2.5 km of breezeways cover this site, including car parks. Since 2011 NZ Detector Dogs have exceeded expectations in the detection and deterrence of drugs in the Zest Apartments. It is for this reason programmed random sweeps take place across the complex each year. Janet has always followed a systematic approach to her visits and the dogs are now very familiar with the complex and its environs. A central city block poses many difficulties for dogs with city fumes, cooking odours and all manner of distractions, however the enthusiasm of the dogs when put to their tasks is testament to their intense training and is evident when the make that 'find'. I would have no hesitation in saying this service is an essential element of deterring drugs in a residential complex (not an aspect you want on a LIM Report). Comprehensive reports follow every visit and provide an excellent paper trail of repeat 'finds'. Onsite security are then able to monitor and report to Police any areas that pose a risk to residents or the complex.

Ray Nicholls

Building Manager

I have engaged Janet Williams of NZ Detector Dogs to provide drug dog services to our site since 2012. I have been most impressed with Janet's professionalism and the high standard of training her dogs have received. With Janet's professional approach her and her dogs are well respected by our staff when she visits our site and she is certainly a key business partner in helping make our workplace safer. I would have no hesitation in recommending Janet and her company's services to any other parties.

Karl Pointon

Manager - HR

As a company employing large numbers of people, NZ Detector Dogs has become a valuable asset in our campaign against drugs in the workplace. The team are professional, reliable and available when required.

David Kean

Plant Manager

Recently our company had cause to suspect one or more staff members may be using and/or under the influence of drugs during work hours. As our company has zero tolerance to drugs on premises we contacted the New Zealand Police for advice. They referred us to New Zealand Detector Dog Services for assistance. I found Janet Williams very professional, knowledgeable and friendly. Her services were exemplary from start to finish. She suggested bringing her dogs onto our premises when all staff were on shift. The dogs were successful in detecting drugs and further tests showed their detections were spot on. I would use NZDDS in similar circumstances and would highly recommend their services to any other employer with a similar situation.

V Jones

HR Manager

Professional service, excellent communication and key in achieving our strategic goal as a drug free workplace, thanks to Janet and the team. I have no hesitation to recommending NZ Detector Dogs to future clients.

Tony Cunningham


NZ Detector Dogs are an amazing team to deal with. They have exceeded expectations. They do an amazing job and go above and beyond when it comes to service. I have owned an Auckland accommodation business now for over 2 years and their service has really helped us thrive and ensure the premises is drug and alcohol free making it safer for other residents, staff and the community.

Sam L


Since starting my role as Health and Safety Manager (1 year) for a large, national construction company based in Auckland I have used NZ Detector Dogs across 12 of my projects. Without fail they have been punctual to every screening. Their communication is second to none, they provide prompt results and are very easy to work with. A very professional outfit and a pleasure to work with. I would be happy to recommend them where I can.

Andy Ireland

Auckland Health & Safety Manager - Construction

As a building manager for one of New Zealand's largest residential buildings with 394 apartments, our partnership with NZ Detector Dogs has greatly improved our standards. It's no secret that with the advent of COVID the drug and crime rates have spiked in the CBD where NZ Detector Dogs have helped us in identifying residents of concern as well as serving as a deterrent to tenants with potential drug associations. They have a highly professional on site team along with their management team who are always helpful in helping us meet legislative guidelines.

Shameel Umar

Building Manager

NZ Detector Dogs supply our business (in a very safety conscious industry) with invaluable service and have been for years. Sarah brings her wonderful dogs to us and operates with incredible professionalism in a friendly, non-judgmental manner. Our business is safer as a result.

Gill Smith

HR Manager


Frequently asked questions

Learn more about NZ Detector Dogs, here.

What sets NZ Detector Dogs apart from other drug detection service providers in Christchurch and the South Island?

At NZ Detector Dogs, we pride ourselves on our commitment to excellence in dog training and adherence to international safety standards. Our K9 teams are highly trained and undergo continuous assessment to ensure peak performance. Additionally, as a 100% New Zealand-owned and operated company, we offer NZ-wide coverage, providing specialised services tailored to meet the unique needs of businesses in the South Island.

How can businesses in the South Island benefit from partnering with NZ Detector Dogs?

Partnering with NZ Detector Dogs can benefit businesses in the South Island by enhancing workplace safety, reducing the risk of drug-related incidents, and promoting a culture of safety and diligence. Our services not only help maintain a drug-free work environment but also contribute to increased productivity and employee morale. With our specialised drug detection solutions, businesses can experience peace of mind knowing their workplace is safe and secure.

How can I contact NZ Detector Dogs for drug screening services in the South Island?

Contacting NZ Detector Dogs for drug screening services in the South Island is easy. You can reach out to us through our website or give us a call directly. Our friendly team is ready to assist you and provide information on how our specialised services can benefit your business. Whether you're in Christchurch or anywhere else in the South Island, NZ Detector Dogs is here to ensure a safe and drug-free work environment for your business.