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Enhance the safety of educational environments with NZ Detector Dogs' drug detection services, helping schools and educational facilities deter and detect the presence of illicit substances.

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Safer, Drug Free Schools

Statistics and studies show that drug use by students is a serious concern for schools and their communities.  The Drug Foundation reports problems with substances start early – half of all New Zealanders with a substance dependence issue were already dependent by the time they were 19.  Young people who use substances more than their peers are likely to have high rates of absenteeism from school and may be early school leavers.

In 2014 the Ministry of Education published the guiding principles around the surrender and retention of property and searches.  The guiding principles outline the requirement for schools to provide a safe physical and emotional environment for students and staff, that parents, students and the public can expect the school environment to be free from drugs and that they act in the least intrusive manner to provide a safe environment.

The NZ Detector Dog teams have years of experience partnering with schools and their communities to help achieve successful outcomes.

The opportunity to minimise the impact that substance use and abuse can have on young people exists through education, proactively identifying those at risk and by providing a safe, drug free environment while they are attending school.

The use of a drug dog can be a high-profile deterrent, which sends a clear message to students regarding the possession and use of drugs. It also reinforces the seriousness that the school places on providing a safe environment free of drug hazards and risks for students, staff and visitors to the school.

Why Use Our Company?

  • Our handlers are experienced and knowledgeable, working in accordance with the legislative requirements of the Education and Training Act 2020.
  • Our dog teams are highly trained meeting international guidelines for drug detection dogs
  • Our operational processes ensure screening is carried out safely, efficiently while adhering to the Ministry of Education guiding principles
  • A regular programme will help schools and educational facilities provide a safe physical and emotional environment for students and staff

It is our aim to help schools achieve a safer environment, free from drug risks and hazards, so schools can concentrate on what they do best.

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