Residential Drug Rehab, Bail, Mental Health Facilities

NZ Detector Dogs supports rehabilitation and mental health facilities with sensitive drug detection, aiding in recovery and compliance efforts for a healthier community.

Emergency entrance of a healthcare facility in New Zealand, with NZ Detector Dogs providing drug detection services for rehabilitation centers.
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Safeguard Your Facility From Drug Presence

At NZ Detector Dogs, we understand the difficulties of dealing with illegal drugs within residential drug rehab, bail, and mental health facilities throughout New Zealand.  Our drug dog teams have years of experience in screening such facilities enabling staff to identify areas and  individuals who may be at risk so those risks can be managed. Working nationwide, our company standards meet international guidelines outlined by the SWGDOG organisation, for specialist scent detection.

Contact our team to help identify the presence and use of illicit drugs or drug utensils in your facility.  A high-profile deterrent that sends a clear message regarding drug tolerance within your space can minimise the introduction and use of illegal drugs while treating residents and clients with respect.

The deterrence that Drug Dogs offer through regular screening, randomised at different days and times, can lead to a lower incidence of drug use on the property keeping everyone, including your staff and  community safe.

We understand that the safety and respect of clients and staff is the top priority for residential drug rehab, bail, and mental health facilities, where our detector dogs can find substances that are undetectable by humans.

Drug Deterrence

Our drug dogs are a high-visibility detection strategy, successful throughout New Zealand. The dogs can accurately detect drugs and drug utensils, deterring their use and presence. The expert team at NZ Detector Dogs will work with you to establish an effective drug management plan which schedules regular, randomised screening to identify and deter drug presence on property.

A visit would include screening rooms, amenities, outdoor environs and other areas where drugs may be commonly found, looking for the presence of drugs, areas where drugs may have been used, or hidden drug paraphernalia.  Our dog teams have years of experience in screening such facilities, and are respectful and mindful of the needs of our clients and their resident’s.  Get in touch with us today to benefit from our professional and reliable services.

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