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Maintain a drug-free construction site with NZ Detector Dogs' construction-focused drug detection services, enhancing safety and adhering to strict industry regulations.

Excavator on a construction site in New Zealand, site security and contraband detection provided by NZ Detector Dogs.
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Promoting Workplace Safety

In the construction industry, the pervasive issue of illegal drugs poses significant threats, compromising workplace safety, productivity, and employee well-being. Recognizing the high-risk nature of construction work, NZ Detector Dogs offers vital drug dog screening services as a proactive risk management solution, crucial in safeguarding workers and preventing incidents related to reduced concentration or awareness due to drug use.

Our presence not only deters drug-related activities but also significantly diminishes the risks associated with theft, illegal dealings, and intimidation, fostering a safer and more productive construction environment.

CHASNZ Totika Prequalified Company

As a CHASNZ Totika Prequalified Company, our extensive experience on construction sites nationwide is coupled with rigorous safety procedures, ensuring the well-being of our Drug Dog Teams and site personnel. Working efficiently with high-visibility day/night harnesses, we swiftly screen large sites, prioritising safety within safety-sensitive environments.

Our seasoned handlers provide expert guidance for effective and secure screening, optimising clearance tasks within 1-2 hour sessions to promptly identify and manage potential drug risks on your site. Utilising drug dogs for screening enhances accuracy and timeliness, saving valuable time and resources compared to random drug tests.

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